We have all perceived an idea, put it into motion, nurtured it and tried to bring it to the purpose for which it was desired. Many times we may have had to forfeit the idea because of re-direction or pure exhaustion. Sometimes we are tempted to compromise the idea. It may be wounded by the author's personal attachment to friends that conditions commitment or principle to some kind of compromise. Economics sometimes even stalls a project for years. Whatever the case, taking ideas from conception to working reality can seldom be done smoothly and without sacrifice.

In order for a project like the following to succeed, one must stick fast to the principle of the idea. Never mind the bleeding footsteps; the work must be taken to the finish line. Neither hate nor personal attachment should govern or destroy a right idea. The proof of its merit is the test by such trials. If truly right, it survives and continues to grow. You cannot kill a right idea thus properly nurtured. God will pour out a blessing, which you will not be able to contain--a reward for your persistence and consistence.

I was convinced of the 'rightness' of the following monogenetic research when I first listened to my literature professor, Dr. John D. Pilkey of Master's College, Newhall, California. The many conversations, classes and Genesis-10 studies that I listened to were very educational. I had never been so encouraged about Bible studies before. Truths were expressed and, indeed, demonstrated point by point in sessions that validated with tremendous affirmation little known and almost forgotten Biblical doctrine; doctrines that seemed to have prevailed for centuries, despite the neglect towards them. The foundation of Biblical monogenesis, well-anchored in Biblical and extra-Biblical truths, were built up and restored by the life-long studies of Dr. John Pilkey. They have now been continued by a few of his faithful students.

The following series of papers are my efforts to detail the many studies that Dr. Pilkey has done over the years. They primarily cover the genealogical aspects of Genesis-10 studies, as mentioned in synoptic form in D. Pilkey's book 'Origin Of Nations', by Master Book Publishers, San Diego, Calif.. Some historical and mythical-histories are given, just enough to carry the arguments for the genealogical synthesis. For a synthetic synoptic history has been carefully done already in Pilkey's book.

I personally could have never imagined that the last ten years of my studies would bring such learning, truth and excitement. All our efforts have shown themselves approved and applicable to furthering the Truth of the Saviour. Having rebuilt Genesis-10 foundations upon the truths once delivered to the Saints in by-gone ages, we now have a new chance and the power to confront the 'Big Lie' that has found comfort within our world. The greatest opposition that has ever come upon the Christian World--the lie that there were no such persons as Adam, Eve, Noah or Noah's three sons and no such events as the Great Flood, no such places as the Garden of Eden, and consequently no Jesus Christ! This is the 'lie' that teaches us also that there is another god, another truth, and another way besides the testament of the Bible. This is the big lie that has, for the last one hundred years, won many over to death and atheism and has forbidden Christian Heritage to out children.

The following is a stout defense of the truth on monogenesis and an alternative historical study of man's ancient past, beginning with his genealogical heritage. It is not a refutation of Darwinism, but it is, rather, what I believe to be the truth as shadowed within the Bible. All of our ultimate actions will be governed by such right ideas and truths and will, in the end, prevail as the Lord has said, because they are grounded in a righteous premise. Thus, that which is right in the premise must, by necessity, be right in conclusion. Remember, The Lord said to his faithful followers, "When the Holy Spirit cometh upon you, He shall lead you into all truth." The following is presented to my readers as just this--the truth into which the Lord has led me.

Ross S. Marshall, 1999